Our support network

We feel that nothing should stop your business reaching its potential, which is why we have friendly, helpful staff ready to answer your questions. With so many ways to access our support network, you'll find the information you need quickly and easily.

Giving you the support you need

MessageCloud is always on hand to help, whether you’re just starting to integrate our services, need help setting up your new bespoke service plan or you’re an expanding business looking to find out how MessageCloud can take you to the next level.

Support features

Guaranteed Response time SLA
4 hours
24×7 email support
Email priority queue
24×7 phone support
Skype, Live Chat Support
Dedicated support line

Have you visited our Help Centre? Here, you can find a wealth of useful information about every aspect of MessageCloud’s SMS products.
Access learning resources, product documentation and our latest updates.

Getting in touch

Our Help Centre covers many of our frequently asked questions, or if you have a specific question, you can send us an email or phone our support team.

The MessageCloud difference

Scalable support

Scalable support

Our exceptional online resources, with the back-up of our free Basic support package, might offer all the help you need. But for extra personal guidance you can upgrade to our Pro support option.

Specialist knowledge

Specialist knowledge

At the MessageCloud Help Centre, you can find valuable in-depth information on everything from advice on country-specific markets and compliance to solutions to technical issues and bugs.

Exceptional people

Exceptional people

Our friendly support team bring a wealth of knowledge about our SMS products – providing expert guidance for as long as you’re using MessageCloud, from set-up to ongoing advice.

24/7 Customer Care for your Pay customers

With MessageCloud’s Pay product, we provide optional support for the end users, your customers. Our Customer Care package is designed to deal with enquiries from any of your carrier billing customers, leaving you free to take care of your business. Our Customer Care package includes:
  • A local 24/7, toll-free phone number diverting callers to our local Customer Care team
  • Satisfying all regulatory and compliance requirements for local customer support in your markets
  • Clear, succinct support for customers via telephone, livechat and support tickets from technicians are trained to deal with users of your service
  • Access for our operators with to detailed information about your customers’ billing history and services bought, enabling appropriate handling of their query and payment refunds when necessary