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One-Time Passwords

With Verify, you achieve a two-factor authentication using a one-time password (OTP). Harness the power of our global SMS service to secure your transactions quickly and easily.

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Safety in numbers: use OTPs to verify customers via their mobiles

With people have an average of 70-80 passwords (yes, really!) one-time passwords are a brilliantly effective tool to enhance security for online apps and services – made simple through using the ubiquitous technology of the mobile phone.


Two-factor SMS OTP verification enables valid users to be identified with a high level of confidence, reducing the risk of fraud, hacks, scams and attacks


Authentication via SMS messaging requires no human operation and is accessible instantly and around the clock

Varied uses

Verify can be applied wherever login or access security is essential – for sensitive data, financial transactions and more


Using SMS for authentication takes advantage of a highly accessible, personal and direct form of communication


Why choose MessageCloud to handle your mobile verification?

Cyber security threats are a serious and growing issue. One-time passwords (OTPs) add an extra layer of protection to online actions with a personal, time-sensitive code sent straight to users’ mobiles. Our Verify product lets you use OTPs with ease. Get low prices, exceptional security and a powerful API for all your mobile verification with MessageCloud.

Easy API integration

Our simple API allows you to integrate our user Verify product seamlessly into your website, app or mobile service.

Simple pricing

With MessageCloud, there’s no set-up fee and no contract to lock you in. Pay for the OTP volume you use and nothing more.

A2P support

If you’re using application-to-person (A2P) technology, our OTP SMS API is the ideal solution for user authentication.

Detailed reporting

Keep track of every password delivered across your account in real time through your web-based Control Panel.

High-performance platform

Verify uses MessageCloud’s access to mobile networks worldwide and cloud-based platform, for exceptional speed and rates of delivery.

Technical support

Our in-depth documents provides everything a developer needs to integrate our Verify API into your system and workflow. And if you need it, there’s an optional 24/7 customer service.


What will it cost?

With MessageCloud, you can send verification OTPs on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no hidden extras. Visit our Pricing page to see what it will cost.

Need something specific?

Get in touch to arrange your bespoke package today.


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MessageCloud savings of 20% on average based on comparable volumes with other providers.

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Our ready-made scripts – written for a range of programming languages – allow you to connect to our SMS products with ease. Grab our snippets of code below, and visit our full library of scripts and usage examples on our GitHub page.

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Verify to deliver OTP (one time passwords) via SMS


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