Wholesale SMS

Wholesale SMS

For bulk SMS users, our Wholesale Send option is the ideal solution. This comes with all the benefits of our regular Send product. So you can take advantage of MessageCloud’s easy-to-integrate SMPP API, our years of experience and our expertise as a Tier-One mobile messaging aggregator.

But with MessageCloud, you also get a service which was created with high-volume SMS senders in mind. Our Send product serves smaller users perfectly – but it also scales effortlessly, with the muscle to handle heavy SMS messaging needs without a hitch. Our SMS service is full of features that are geared towards wholesale SMS senders, including:

  • High speeds – our SMS gateway can handle in excess of 2,000 transactions per second
  • Connection to our leading SMSC, providing access to a wealth of routing options and services
  • Direct connections and hub agreements with a huge range of mobile operators globally
  • An HTTP interface that has been tested and benchmarked to 100 transactions per section for an individual service account, using parallel HTTP requests
  • A default service account configuration which provides 10 concurrent HTTP GET/POST connections, with more available if needed
  • SS7 routing and SMPP protocol service, ideal for maintaining stable, high quality bulk SMS messaging
  • Multiple APIs to allow you to configure your services just the way you want them
  • Advanced real-time reporting, providing a wealth of information, including delivery receipts and error reports for messages that haven’t arrived
  • Numerous options to organise your bulk SMS messaging – send concatenated messages, select expiry times and apply message encoding (GSM, ASCII, Binary, Latin-1, UTF-8, UCS2), plus get alphanumeric support of Sender ID

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What’s more, thanks to our direct connections and excellent international coverage, our wholesale SMS service is available at a low cost to your business. Talk to us about your specific needs and we’ll give you a custom quotation for our wholesale Send package.

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Our range of scripts allow you to set up your high-volume SMS messaging with ease. Choose from a selection of scripting languages, which offer simple modification and the ability to send SMS messages with your own sender ID and delivery reports. Connect to our Wholesale Bulk SMS.