Our mobile payment product lets you charge customers directly to their phone. Access a vast market and embrace the future of payment using MessageCloud’s fast, simple, scalable payments API.

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On the money: mobile payment is the perfect fit for online transactions

Accepting payment by mobile – through Direct Operator Billing or Premium SMS – works by connecting merchants and mobile operators. It means exposure to potential billions of mobile users worldwide, instantly.

Increased conversions

With near-universal reach and an incredibly simple transaction process, carrier billing converts browsers into customers

Instant transactions

Mobile payment lets customers buy instantly, with no debit or credit card involvement, and sometimes in a single click

Limitless applications

The perfect way for collecting payment for ticketing, subscriptions, top-ups, digital products and more

Safe and secure

PIN authentication make mobile payment a safe and direct way to conduct transactions

Why choose MessageCloud to handle your mobile payments?

As a Tier-One Payments Aggregator, MessageCloud works directly with mobile operators to provide carrier billing. We’re an accredited provider for carrier billing to over 40 operators around the world.

With our API, it’s easy to integrate our Pay product with your own systems. Configure price points and billing options via your desktop, mobile or app.

We provide access to a vast resource of documents, plus we offer dedicated, ongoing account management for you – plus Customer Care support for your customers.

We offer Carrier Billing (MSISDN Forwarding) with single-click payment, web payment optimised for both mobile and desktop, offline billing and in-app billing.

MessageCloud gives competitive payouts from customer payments, made possible by our direct connections to mobile operators – meaning more profit for your company.

MessageCloud is a trusted partner to numerous mobile operators around the world. And with over 10 years’ experience of delivering mobile aggregator services, you can count on us too.

Carrier Billing

  • Charge customers on their mobile bills through mobile, desktop or in-app payment
  • Highly secure payment method authenticated by two clicks or PIN
  • Ideal for both small or larger payments

Premium SMS Billing

  • Customers pay by sending a text message and the cost is added to their mobile bill
  • Great for smaller payments for digital products
  • Ideal for offline promotions such as those in print media

How companies use Pay



Dating and social apps



Online games, sports bets



Car parking, cinema tickets, pay-and-go gyms

Digital Content

Digital Content

Films, magazine subscriptions, app and in-app purchases



Text-to-win campaigns, SMS voting

What will it cost?

Find out about how pricing works for each of our Pay options by going to our Pricing page.

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Add a Customer Care package

Solving your customers’ issues can be a serious drain on your time. To leave yourself free to focus on your core business, choose MessageCloud’s Customer Care package for users of your Pay product.
  • A local 24/7, toll-free phone number diverting callers to our local Customer Care team
  • Satisfying all regulatory and compliance requirements for local customer support in your markets
  • Clear, succinct support for customers via telephone, livechat and support tickets from technicians who are trained to deal with users of your service
  • Access for our operators with to detailed information about your customers’ billing history and services bought, enabling appropriate handling of their query and payment refunds when necessary

Our Cloud Products work together. Use with...

MessageCloud Send

Send, to issue a message with a payment link

MessageCloud Verify

Verify, to send a OTP before accepting payments

MessageCloud Analyse

Analyse, for information on a number before or after payments

MessageCloud Numbers

Numbers to communicate with users who message your number service