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Inbound marketing

Receive SMS easily with our Numbers product. Our powerful API lets you route large volumes of inbound text messages seamlessly and reliably, using local numbers from all over the world.

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Make conversation: virtual mobile numbers make SMS messaging truly interactive

Virtual numbers – longcode and shortcode – are invaluable if you need to receive messages from customers. Make your mobile communication a two-way exchange.


The capacity to receive, as well as to send, SMS messages makes a conversation possible between you and your customers

Endless potential

Virtual mobile numbers open up a world of possibilities for communication, from customer support to ad campaigns

Simple and direct

Inbound SMS is a fast, easy and reliable way for customers to engage with brands or reply to prompts


Virtual numbers can be chosen for an array of countries, making connections locally around the world


Why choose MessageCloud to handle your virtual mobile numbers?

Our Numbers product opens up new possibilities for your organisation. Create effective text marketing campaigns with shortcodes. Use private numbers to create local connections with your market. Maintain user privacy through masking. Whatever you use Numbers for, you’ll get superb support, flexible usage options and a fair, transparent pricing structure.

Fast two-way messaging

Numbers, combined with our bulk SMS Send product, enables a complete messaging solution, perfect for interactive mobile campaigns.

Multiple delivery options

We offer concatenated SMS, timezone-specific sending and advanced message encoding options (GSM, ASCII, Binary, Latin-1, UTF-8, UCS2)

Programmable numbers

Acquire phone numbers instantly for locations around the world. Send and receive messages quickly and simply through our API.


With over 10 years of experience, MessageCloud can be relied upon to provide exceptional, standards-compliant inbound messaging.

Detailed reporting

Get information on a local number’s format and origin, sender ID, delivery receipts and detailed error reports.

Longcode numbers

Receive messages directly from customers to your app with a virtual mobile number. Dedicated and shared options available, accordingly to your volume needs.

Advanced support

Comprehensive documentation for developers to integrate our API into your service, plus a support ticket service if you can’t find what you need online.

Local numbers

Increase trust and engagement by using numbers that are local to customers. With virtual numbers from over 30 countries, we can get you connected around the globe.

Shortcode numbers

Easily remembered 4 to 5 digit numbers for use with keywords, free to user or at standard messaging rate. Choose a dedicated service for heavy use or shared shortcodes for lower volumes.

Simple pricing

Variable price options according to message volumes, with MT (send) and MO (receive) shortcodes available, depending on the country.

Comprehensive number ranges

We offer the full spectrum of number types for receiving messages. So you can enable fast, effective communication, whatever the scenario.

Easy-to-integrate API

Our straightforward API routes incoming SMS messages seamlessly to your software, enabling even very high volume of messages to be handled effortlessly.


What will it cost?

MessageCloud provides a range of shared and dedicated virtual number products to suit a variety of user levels. Visit our Pricing page to find out more.

Need something specific?

Get in touch to arrange your bespoke package today.


Make it a two-way conversation with our choice of number options.
Handle messages, confirmations and feedback effortlessly, for a straightforward monthly fee.

Select your country

Choose currency

Try the code

Our ready-made scripts – written for a range of programming languages – allow you to connect to our SMS products with ease. Grab our snippets of code below, and visit our full library of scripts and usage examples on our GitHub page.

Code for Numbers

Use our scripts, ready-made for a range of languages, for receiving SMS messages. With simple modification, these allow you to get incoming SMS messages via longcodes (virtual numbers), shortcodes or virtual SIM.

Our Cloud Products work together. Use with..


Analyse to check a number is valid before sending messages


Verify to deliver OTP (one time passwords) via SMS


Pay to introduce a payment call-to-action in messaging campaigns


Numbers to receive replies to the SMS messages you send

Numbers product news

Read recent updates from MessageCloud, with info about our products, events, business SMS tips and more. To access all our posts, go to our news page.

Start delivering and receiving worldwide SMS messages to your customers today!