Our Analyse product uses HLR Lookups and Mobile Number Portability queries to get instant intelligence on any mobile phone number. Keep your database secure and remove friction with accurate, real-time information.

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Looking good: number analysis reveals invaluable insights

HLR (Home Location Register) Lookups provide data about numbers, allowing databases to be kept up-to-date and secure. Effective number analysis is a valuable resource in multiple applications.

Accurate real-time data

HLR Lookups provide instant feedback on a number’s status, format, type and origin. Uncover a number’s IP address and whether it has been ported

International standardisation

Managing and organising number data is simple with HLR Lookups, even when users are located in different countries

Security and confidence

Number analysis enables mobile phone numbers to be authenticated, helping filter out fraud, spam, inactive users and unreachable numbers


Maintaining a clean, current number database reduces the time and money wasted on invalid numbers

Why choose MessageCloud to handle your number analysis?

Our HLR Lookup product delivers a wealth of real-time data about any number. With 99.99% query availability and accurate intelligence on users, it’s a solution that works.

Obtain huge amounts of data, drawn from the mobile carrier’s portability databases, plus our own local databases, to gain high-accuracy information.

Reveal the carrier and country of any mobile number, as well as its roaming status, carrier and location.

Conduct Lookups and see the results clearly using our platform, or via your own software or systems using our simple but powerful API.

MessageCloud have provided award-winning mobile marketing services for over a decade. With extensive experience and global connections, we’re the right choice for number analysis.

Access information for users in over 50 countries worldwide. Our Control Panel presents data in a consistent format, overcoming country-to-country barriers.

NP (Number Portability) Lookups allow destination information to be determined prior to routing. We have interconnects with several authoritative central number portability databases and operators. We integrate their information into a format that can be easily queried.

Draw on our extensive catalogue of support resources, including detailed user documentation and guidance for developers to integrate our API with ease.

Pay per Lookup, with no upfront costs and no expiry. And thanks to our direct tier-one connections, you’ll benefit from excellent rates, saving you money.

We have interconnects with several central number portability databases, integrating their information into a format that can be easily queried.

What will it cost?

Use HLR Lookup on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our flexible pricing means you get great value number analysis and only buy what you need. Go to our Pricing page to find out how much you’ll pay.

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