MessageCloud Platform

The beauty of our cloud-based platform is that it works in perfect harmony with your existing systems. Connect to our platform and gain instant anaytics on your campaign performance.

Our flexible, secure messaging products merge with your databases and software, making mobile messaging possible with customers anywhere in the world.

With the MessageCloud Platform, you can access all our products easily in one place. Deliver an SMS message with Send. Use Verify to authenticate a number before accepting mobile payments. And get detailed analytics, reports and insights across each of our products. All through our simple-to-use API.

Today, mobile marketing is often characterised by thousands of microinteractions with countless customers in real time. This can be a demanding environment to get to grips with. But with the MessageCloud Platform, service providers and marketers can stay on top of their customer connection – even where the picture is big and fast-moving.

As soon as you launch a messaging program in MessageCloud Platform, you can login to the Dashboard view statistics in real time and filter the data by short code, keyword, date range, and destination. Later, when you want a fuller view, you can generate customised reports, based on the success rate of messages sent or how long your users have been in touch with your business.


Savings, improve delivery. Move your messaging to the cloud.

Send more for less.

Our customer-friendly pricing is on average 20% less for cloud mobile messaging compared to other providers.

Scale your mobile payments and get discounted transaction fees.

Calculate your savings for moving your messages to the Cloud.

Paying too much for your messaging? Deliverability not up to scratch? Bottlenecks at high volumes?


Cloud Price/Performance Leadership

List price leader

Our Cloud platform averages 20% off the list price of other messaging providers. Choose from pricing that suits customer volumes and scale simply.

Better Infrastructure

Infrastructure designed for maximum efficiency. Leverage our direct operator connections, take advantage of operator level routing to ensure optimal delivery.


Technical infrastructure that send messages in milli seconds not seconds, with faster queries, faster analytics and reporting, and a global reach to over 200 operators that scales as your grow.


MessageCloud Platform further optimizes already well-optimized systems, constant updates and improvements to our infrastructure we make available to our customers.

Start delivering and receiving worldwide SMS messages to your customers today!