If you’re a software developer, MessageCloud’s SMS APIs are perfectly suited to integrate into your business.

Our detailed Developer section offers all the documentation, guidance and code blocks you’ll need to make our SMS products work for you. Our APIs blend effortlessly with integration plugins such as Zapier and are compatible with platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle. Whatever your SMS application, we have the resources and support to make it work.



Find API integration documentation for each of our products on our API Docs pages. From Sending SMS messages to Analysing a number, you’ll discover everything you need to apply our APIs to your project.

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Try the code

Our ready-made scripts – written for a range of programming languages – allow you to connect to our SMS products with ease. Grab our snippets of code below, and visit our full library of scripts and usage examples on our GitHub page.

Code for Send

Scripts for easy SMS messaging. Choose ready-made code for a range of scripting languages, apply simple modification and send SMS messages with your own sender ID and delivery reports.

Code for Send (Wholesale)

Our range of scripts allow you to set up your high-volume SMS messaging with ease. Choose from a selection of scripting languages, which offer simple modification and the ability to send SMS messages with your own sender ID and delivery reports. Connect to our Wholesale Bulk SMS.

Code for Verify

Coming soon

Code for Numbers

Use our scripts, ready-made for a range of languages, for receiving SMS messages. With simple modification, these allow you to get incoming SMS messages via longcodes (virtual numbers), shortcodes or virtual SIM.

Code for Analyse

Set up HLR Lookups with our ready-made code. Covering a range of scripting languages, this allows simple modification, making it easy to start performing your HLR Lookups.

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Plugins and Platforms

Connect your MessageCloud SMS messaging to hundreds of apps and services with Zapier –including Mailchimp, Magneto and Facebook

Do you need SMS notifications when you receive a PayPal payment? Or an SMS when someone purchases from your Shopify store? Would you like to receive urgent emails via SMS? You can do all of these and more using MessageCloud with Zapier.

MessageCloud and Facebook

Message Facebook leads

Send a SMS message to your leads from your Facebook ads

MessageCloud and MailChimp

Create Mailchimp texts

Send bulk SMS to your Mailchimp newsletter contacts

MessageCloud and Zendesk

Automate Zendesk tickets

Send Zendesk notifications via SMS messaging

MessageCloud and Magneto

Deliver Magneto orders

Send Magneto order information using SMS

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Send SMS messages directly from Google Sheets

Sending bulk SMS couldn’t be easier with our Excel compatible plugin.
Messages are sent securely using your login details. Compatible with:


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Desktop Send

Deliver messages direct from your desktop with our bulk SMS sender.

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Desktop Analyse

Run HLR and NP Lookups through our simple desktop tool.

Start delivering and receiving worldwide SMS messages to your customers today!