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MessageCloud is a multi-award-winning mobile messaging provider. Our cloud-based SMS and messaging products enable companies to set up and manage one-way and two-way communications effortlessly. Plus, we offer products to analyse phone numbers, verify users and accept payments by mobile.

Our products work in harmony to provide a complete mobile messaging service to suit a company’s particular activities. Perhaps you need to analyse a number and verify its user before facilitating payments by mobile. Or to analyse numbers before targeting to pinpoint the right users for an SMS text campaign. These complementary products blend seamlessly to provide the most effective messaging combination for your business.

Mobile messaging that scales with you

As a Tier One aggregator, we have direct connections to mobile operators around the globe. The result is exceptional cost-efficiency – and that means savings we can pass on to our customers. This network also creates a fast, seamless and consistent service, wherever in the world your customers might be. Our international reach makes us the trusted provider of SMS messaging for more than 6,000 customers around the globe.

What’s more, our technical expertise, developed over ten years at the forefront of this industry, means your messaging needs are in safe hands. We’ve worked to ensure our products provide a safe, secure, regulations-compliant platform for your messages and transactions. Plus, if anything should go wrong, our personal support service will resolve it quickly and effectively.

MessageCloud makes mobile messaging simple. Using our easy-to-integrate API or our web-based dashboard, you can access our powerful products in the way that best suits you. With scalable service options and exceptional prices, we help companies open the door to the world of possibilities that global mobile messaging brings.

As we step into the future, MessageCloud will continue to pioneer mobile messaging – helping to shape the way businesses of all sizes communicate with their customers.

Fast and precise

Capable of thousands of messages per second with low latency and exceptional fault tolerance, our SMS connects you quickly and efficiently through our global network of carriers.

Effortless scaling

MessageCloud serves your mobile SMS communication needs whether you’re a low-volume sender or a bulk user. Our SMPP API and flexible configurations handle high-volume SMS messaging with ease.

Competitive pricing

Get exceptional value thanks to our efficient, high-volume capabilities. And only pay for what you use. MessageCloud’s simple, scaling pricing structure makes the cost of our service fair and transparent.

Support anytime

We provide local email support around the globe, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. With our Pro account, this extends to 24/7 phone support, with a dedicated support line.

Download our media kit

If you need to use MessageCloud’s branded resources for marketing our SMS products to your own clients, you can download our media kit below. This includes our official logo pack and a collection of additional brand-related materials from MessageCloud.

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